A very sweet floral fragrance with the aspects of gardenia, honeysuckle and lemon. Most
commonly associated tropical islands such as Hawaii and Tahiti.

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A very sweet floral fragrance with the aspects of gardenia, honeysuckle and lemon. Most
commonly associated tropical islands such as Hawaii and Tahiti.

Rafaela is excited for her first vacation since graduating college. She had planned a trip to
Hawaii. Upon her arrival, she was welcomed by the unique melodies of Hawaiian culture. They
gave her a lei that smells very sweet with every breeze of the wind. Her first day in Hawaii

proved to be very fun. She learned about the different practices that the people do and she also
got to taste the local cuisine. On her second day, she travelled to the different destinations that
Hawaii has to offer. She learned about the legends behind these places and its relevance to the
people. Her last day in Hawaii is a calm one. She just took her time walking along the seashore
experiencing sea breeze and having refreshing drinks and eating delicious food. Rafael would
never forget this exciting and meaningful experience. An experience that you could only have in

Ribbon Color:Marigold/Blue/Purple: Appendix Cancer
My name is Lauren, I’m 23 years old and I live in Boston, MA. Two years ago, before my senior
year at college, I was given the news that nobody ever wants to hear: I was told that I had a
rare form of appendix cancer. Cancers and tumors of the appendix are extremely rare, once
thought to be diagnosed in about 1,000 people worldwide each year. In other words, the
lifetime odds of being diagnosed were thought to be about one in a million. Appendix cancer is
cancer that starts in the cells lining the inside of the appendix.
After what they thought to be a routine appendectomy, the pathology had returned and I was
originally misdiagnosed by my appendectomy surgeon, being told I had a more aggressive
tumor and that it was of high-grade. She herself said that in all her years she had never seen an
appendix tumor and knew nothing about them. I learned from appendix cancer specialists
(surgical oncologists) weeks later that the tumor of my appendix was a mucinous neoplasm
instead, much more slow moving and low grade, LAMN for short. Had I not seen those two
specialists, I would have been completely lost and misinformed.
One year following my diagnosis, in July of 2018 I took on a full-time role with the ACPMP
Research Foundation as their first staff member, becoming their Development and
Communications Manager. While my rare cancer diagnosis is unlike most, I know that not
everyone affected by this rare disease is so lucky, so I hope to be an advocate for those who are
currently fighting.
I am grateful every single day I am healthy and get the opportunity to be apart of the ACPMP
Research Foundation’s worthwhile mission. This last year has been more than I could have ever
imagined, so much love, gratitude, and purpose. The individuals with ACPMP are truly the most
remarkable people you will ever meet, each and every one of them having faced this disease as
a caregiver, patient, or friend and transforming their experience into a selfless opportunity to
help others. I am so lucky to be able to work with them. I am so thankful to have been able to
transform my own ugly diagnosis and turn a lemon into lemonade.
For rare cancer patients, access to proper care and treatment is not as accessible, lots of people
have to travel, which then require battles with insurance. Another challenge is the lack of
readily available information and limited support opportunities. Many patients face

misunderstanding with this rare cancer from those around them due to its rarity and
I hope that my story gives other rare disease patients hope. Hope that their diagnosis doesn’t
have to define them in a negative way, hope that they too can actively advocate, raise
awareness, push for research, and that maybe they could even turn it into the opportunity to
work for the organization that speaks to their rare disease cause. – Lauren

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