The Magical PEPPERMINT will freshen Your Body and help improve energy, It also Helps Relieve Tension Headaches
and Migraines which causes laziness into the body. Try the beautiful gift of nature from Tares.

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The Magical PEPPERMINT will freshen Your Body and help improve energy, It also Helps Relieve Tension Headaches
and Migraines which causes laziness into the body. Try the beautiful gift of nature from Tares.

Background Story:

The story is about a lazy son of a rich moneylender. Once upon a time, there was a moneylender, he used to live in
a town with his wife and a son, his son Tares was a very lazy boy, and on the other hand, the Moneylender was very
Moneylender used to go to his shop every morning before sunrise, and after that, he used to take a round of his
farms. Moneylender was very upset with his son’s lazy attitude. Moneylender died and there was no one to look
after the business, they were having a massive loss in the business, so the mother decided to do something about
her lazy son, she went to the most intelligent doctor and asked for advice. The old doctor told the mother that he
will give a fragrance oil (made of PEPPERMINT) to the son, after sniffing the oil the son will become active and
energetic. Mother was so happy and took the PEPPERMINT fragrance oil to home, Tares smelled the PEPPERMINT
fragrance oil and was energetic and active, and he started handling the business and made the business stable
again. Tares were so happy that he wanted to gift the fragrance oil to all the lazy people in the world.

Ribbon Color: Peach: Uterine Cancer
I have always been diligent about checkups because my grandmother passed away from colon and stomach cancer,
and my mother was diagnosed with Stage III ovarian cancer at 47 and is now a cancer survivor. Because of my
family history, I had genetic testing and learned I had the mutation for Lynch syndrome, an inherited disorder that
increases the risk of many types of cancer. My doctor estimated my risk at 80 percent, and he went as far as to
predict it would be within three years of my mom’s age at diagnosis. He recommended a hysterectomy, but I was
only 35 and not ready for the finality that came with that. I had a daughter and a son, but I didn’t know if I was done
having children. I couldn’t give up the hope that cancer might skip over me, so I decided to wait on surgery. I had
frequent checkups over the next several years that continued to come back with good results.
In June 2013, I had a Pap test that showed abnormal cells so, at 44, I agreed to a hysterectomy. I wanted to wait
until after the holidays, so my doctor inserted an IUD in October to help thin my endometrial lining and give me a
little relief. As part of the follow-up appointment for that IUD, I had a transvaginal ultrasound. Shockingly, the
results showed a 4-millimeter mass. My doctor ordered a biopsy, but the results weren’t conclusive. My doctor then
ordered a guided biopsy, and those results showed I had endometrial cancer. I knew it was a possibility, but I was
still devastated.
I sought a second opinion at a well-known cancer center in another state. The oncologist told me I had clear-cell
carcinoma, a rare and aggressive form of endometrial cancer. My mom was with me when I got the news, and we
both started crying. I was overwhelmed, and I relied on her to ask questions and get the information I needed.Even
though I could have gotten chemoradiation anywhere, I felt comfortable with my care, so I flew back and forth
between treatments to be home with my children. It was hard to tell them I was sick, but they were very positive.
They’d seen their grandmother survive cancer, which made them confident that I would, too.The side effects from
chemotherapy weren’t bad. I had nausea, but that passed. The radiation therapy, though, was really tough. My
doctor prescribed hormone therapy to manage some of the side effects of the radiation.
Even though I’m nearly three years cancer-free, I still worry about cancer coming back. But, for now, I just keep
doing what helped get me through treatment—focusing on my children and being there for them now and for the
graduations, weddings and grandchildren to come. – Camille Grammer

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