Patti Labelle

Patti Labelle


A wonderful scent made with notes of lily, plum, gardenia, white flora, tangerine, orchid and
coconut with musk and vanilla at its base. A scent with a powerful voice that makes your
presence known.

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A wonderful scent made with notes of lily, plum, gardenia, white flora, tangerine, orchid and
coconut with musk and vanilla at its base. A scent with a powerful voice that makes your
presence known.

Mia grew in a small town where she has a simple life. Mia has a love for singing. She wants to
sing day and night. It is her passion. She dreams of singing in front many people entertaining
them and making them happy. She finally saw a chance to achieve her dream when she heard
that people in the city is conducting a competition to look for the best singer. She packed her
things and went to the city to join the competition. The application had a long line. Mia waited
for hours just to get this opportunity. Sadly, the organizers of the event di not let her join
because they say that she does not look like a star. Mia, was angered and disappointed by what
happened. In order to release her anger, she sang in front of the crowd. Everyone was amazed
by her talent and the organizers wanted to let her join the competition. Mia declined the offer
and she decided that she will make herself known with her own voice by singing throughout the
city. She gained fame and she was able to achieve her dream of performing in front of huge
crowds of people every day.

Ribbon Color:Orchid: Testicular Cancer
James first noticed that something was not right while away on holiday, “Thankfully I have
always been conscious of self-examining, but when I started experiencing symptoms, including
a dull ache in the affected area and lower abdomen, I knew that something was wrong. I didn’t

know what to do and naturally, I thought the worst”. Upon returning home, James booked an
appointment with his GP. Despite having researched his symptoms online he did not fully
appreciate their severity and did not think to request an emergency appointment. James saw
his GP some two weeks later and, after an examination, was immediately referred to UCLH.
James was immediately listed for surgery. At this point he met clinical nurse specialist
(CNS) Clare Akers, “Clare Akers was fantastic. She provided me with a direct point of contact at
the hospital and kept everything moving extremely quickly. She took her time to explain the
whole process and answer all of the questions I had”. Within the month James had successfully
had his operation, “The whole pre-operation process was very well planned and took place
promptly. During our meetings before the procedure Mr Muneer couldn’t have done more to
comfort and reassure me – I truly felt as though I was being cared for personally and not just as
another patient”.
James spent just one night in hospital after his procedure, “During my stay the hospital staff
were all extremely friendly and caring. It came across that patient care was the most important
focus – I didn’t feel rushed to vacate the bed; the nursing staff wanted me to feel as
comfortable as possible before discharging me. Staff took their time to discuss what I should do
and what I would experience during recovery – and what to do should I experience any
difficulties”. James’ recovery went very well and he experienced very few side effects,
“Although I didn’t experience any problems after the operation, my CNS Clare was always at the
end of a telephone if I needed help or reassurance”.
After a follow up appointment with Mr Muneer, James had his care transferred to Barts
Health NHS Trust for further follow up and treatment, including a course of chemotherapy. “I
was reluctant to tell my family about the cancer, and I hadn’t told them about it prior to
surgery. I wanted to get all of the facts clear before telling them. When I found out that I
needed chemotherapy, I couldn’t keep it from them any longer as the hair loss would have
been obvious. My family and I are really close so I guess I felt as though I was protecting them.
It was such a relief to have them know what was going on with me; it was much easier than I
James’ treatment with UCLH has now finished, but his journey will continue at St Barts, “One of
my main concerns about chemotherapy was that it would be extremely debilitating. The
oncology (cancer) doctor told me that there was no reason I couldn’t go on a holiday that I had
been looking forward to for so long – I just had to take extra precautions in terms of UV
exposure. There have been no real long-term changes to my life following my treatment. The
chemotherapy has not limited what I can do, just the intensity that I could function during
treatment, and for a short period afterwards". – James

Since leaving UCLH, James now looks to the future, “I am very much looking forward – I
immediately booked a couple of trips with family and friends once I had been given the all clear
from my first post-treatment scan”.

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