A very distinctive fragrance that makes you feel proud and elegant. It is a combination of notes
of mandarin orange, bergamot, peach, basil and vanilla.

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A very distinctive fragrance that makes you feel proud and elegant. It is a combination of notes
of mandarin orange, bergamot, peach, basil and vanilla.

The royal family is always meticulous about everything. This includes the way a royalty act.
Since childhood, members of the royal family are taught to act with poise and confidence.
Princess Kathrynne was not an exception. Since her childhood, she was taught to act and talk

like royalty. Even her clothing should befit her status as the princess of the kingdom. She never
wanted to do these things. She thinks that it is a waste of time and that she should focus on
other things. One day, the kingdom received a notice that a prince from another kingdom is
looking for a bride and every princess around the world are invited to a ball. Eve was excited to
go and see this prince. Other princesses laughed at Eve saying that she does not have a chance
because she does not have any poise of confidence. Annoyed by their statements, she vowed to
become the most confident woman in the ball. She practiced for weeks trying to perfect her
form until the day of the ball came. The ball started and everyone was amazed by the prince’s
perfectly handsome face. Eve entered the room with so much poise and confidence that
everyone stopped what they are doing just to admire the beautiful princess Eve. The prince
noticed her and asked her to be his partner for the night. Time passed by, Eve married the
prince and they lived a happy life.

Ribbon Color:Peach: Uterine Cancer
Before her diagnosis, Silas had been having regular checkups at the doctor’s office and
everything seemed fine. When she turned 50 and began having irregular periods and heavy
bleeding, she chalked it up to symptoms of menopause. But the changes didn’t go away, and in
January 2018 she also began feeling out of breath and lacked energy. She went back to the
doctor and had several tests, including an endometrial biopsy. That’s when she learned she had
“I’m a very optimistic person,” said Silas. “I went in with the hope that it wasn’t anything
negative, that everything was fine, but I also always knew it could be cancer. So when she told
me, I wasn’t shocked. I was happy to know there was a diagnosis. So I was like – let’s get this
Silas’ treatment plan included 6 cycles of chemotherapy and a hysterectomy. She had
complications after the surgery that required dozens of blood transfusions and a hospital stay
of several weeks. But now that she’s recovered, her doctor is confident the surgery removed all
the cancer. Silas will start radiation treatments soon.
When her hair began to fall out from chemotherapy, Silas visited her local American Cancer
Society office in Greenbelt, Maryland, and was given 2 wigs and a hat. But she quickly decided
to go bald instead. “I’ve been wearing it bald and proud,” she says. “I’m not my hair. My hair
doesn’t define who I am.” She says going bald in public helps her provide inspiration,
motivation, and encouragement to other cancer survivors. “When people see I’m bald, they
sometimes approach me and ask me if I’m a cancer survivor, and I give them my testimony,”
she said.

Silas says she also found comfort in her support system and her faith. “My diagnosis and
journey have allowed me to be more faithful in God and trust in him,” she said. “If I didn’t have
the faith, if my belief wasn’t hopeful and strong, I don’t know where I’d be. My family, friends
and church family with their fervent prayers helped me stay in high spirts and kept me alive. It
takes a village” – Tina Silas

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