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A floral and woody fragrance with notes of incense, freesia, osmanthus and tamarind. Its base is
composed of cashmere wood, vetiver and musk. A scent with a very luxurious and highly
feminine feel.

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A floral and woody fragrance with notes of incense, freesia, osmanthus and tamarind. Its base is
composed of cashmere wood, vetiver and musk. A scent with a very luxurious and highly
feminine feel.

Born with incredible skill and talent, Alexandra did not waste time in making a name for herself.
Since the age of 5, she started making dresses and fashion accessories. She makes all her
creations based on her own designs. As she grew up, she was exposed to different kinds of
fashion. From that, she was able to create designs that are more complicated. She is aware of
her own skills and talent yet she knows that it is not enough for her to reach her ultimate goal.
That is to create a dress of the highest class that shows the very essence of a woman. She
studied for years trying every technique she could use and absorbing every knowledge that she
stumbles upon. After a long time of trial and error, she was finally able to make the dress of her
dreams. Achieving this made her one of the best designers of all time.

Ribbon Color:Kelly Green: Gallbladder Cancer
On March 20th, 2018, Nguyen Trong Thuy went to Viet Duc hospital, a well-known and
authoritative hospital in Vietnam, and have his surgery done over there, removing tumor in his
gallbladder. Unfortunately things are not quite that simple, it surprised him that doctor found
multiple mass in his liver. Sooner after his operation, lump in his liver was biopsied and it
turned out to be gallbladder cancer with multiple liver metastases.

When they felt helpless, Nguyen Trong Thuy’s wife happened to learn St. Stamford Modern
Cancer Hospital Guangzhou through her friend, who is a cancer survivor and a doctor, too. Her
friend was confirmed as cancer and had her treatment in Singapore but unfortunately fail to
yield good efficacy and was recommended St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou,
where she had minimally invasive therapy and her disease well under control. On hearing the
good news, Nguyen Trong Thuy and his family went instantly to the Hanoi Office of St. Stamford
Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for cancer consultation. With the help of staff in office, he
finished his visa application and flew to China, accompanied by his father on May 10, 2018.
“When I first came here, I felt pain in my stomach and tired all the day, and I looked very bad. I
believed chemotherapy in Vietnam had weakened me. After I had done the relevant checkups
here, my attending doctor Hu Ying told me that my gallbladder cancer has spread to my liver,
and there were two big tumors measuring 1.7 cm*1.9 cm and 1.1 cm*1.3 cm respectively and
multiple nodules in my liver. In the end, she tried to comfort me and told me that my condition
would be controlled”, said Nguyen Trong Thuy, recalling the first time of his admission.
According to his attending doctor Hu Ying, although his cancer had deteriorated to stage IV, but
fortunately it only spread to his liver, which can be treated with good control. After joint
discussion of the Multidisciplinary Team (MDT), Nguyen Trong Thuy was arranged a minimally
invasive treatment plan of interventional therapy and cryotherapy.
Nguyen Trong Thuy started his second course of treatment in St. Stamford Modern Cancer
Hospital Guangzhou on June 10, 2018, after his stay at home in Vietnam for half a month. The
doctor once again performed him interventional therapy. At this time, Nguyen Trong Thuy has
been familiar with the treatment process and feels very relaxed. Because interventional therapy
belongs to minimally invasive treatment, which causes small bleeding little pain and requires
only half an hour.
Early July this year, Nguyen Trong Thuy was admitted to the hospital on the date of the doctor's
appointment and continued his treatment. This is his third hospitalization. At this time, Nguyen
Trong Thuy looks like ordinary people. His symptoms are no longer there. He has gained 2 kg in
his half-month at home and restored his vitality. What makes him even more happy is that after
the latest CT review, the two larger tumors in his liver measuring 1.7 cm*1.9 cm and 1.1 cm*1.3
cm have shrank by about 45%. In order to consolidate the treatment effect, the doctor once
again arranged him interventional therapy during this hospitalization.
"The effect of minimally invasive therapy can be seen very quickly, and there is almost no side
effect to my body. Unlike systemic chemotherapy, it brings no serious side effects. I am very
satisfied with minimally invasive therapy. Thanks minimally invasive technology for giving me

hope. I am still young at the age of 27, my daughter is only one year old, and I am the pillar of
my family, I want to live, I will actively receive treatment, take good care of myself and develop
healthy habits." seeing such treatment effect, Nguyen Trong Thuy said happily. – Nguyen Trong

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