Marc Jacobs Line

Marc Jacobs Line


It is a blend of the decorative scent of tuberose, jasmine, honeysuckle and white pepper mixed
with the freshness of gardenia and bergamot. Its base is composed musk, cedar and ginger

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It is a blend of the decorative scent of tuberose, jasmine, honeysuckle and white pepper mixed
with the freshness of gardenia and bergamot. Its base is composed musk, cedar and ginger

Born into ah dysfunctional family, Eve learned to live on her own. Her father died at a young
age and her mother went crazy. She did not want fashion when she was young. She only
discovered fashion when she worked as a helper at a small boutique in Manhattan. There she
got a glimpse of the fashion industry and saw great potential in it. She studied fashion and
started making her dress. She has an unusual taste in passion. She does not follow the usual
trends and creates a new on instead. This made her famous in the fashion industry. She is
known for creating a different style that’s not too elegant but not too close to the streets as
well. She succeeded with her own style and this makes her one of the most unforgettable
fashion designers around the world.

Ribbon Color:Amber: Appendix Cancer
Emily had been sick on and off for nearly a year. We had been to the pediatrician and ER at
least a half dozen times in the past year. We had received diagnoses such as acid reflux,
indigestion, possible IBS, possible Crohn’s disease, and everything in between. Emily had CT
scans of her abdomen on four separate doctor’s visits throughout this year. All directed at her
for possible appendicitis. All of them were negative.
In late September Emily was hospitalized for four days at our local Children’s Hospital. On the
particular morning I had rushed her to the ER once again in a state of pure worry and
Throughout the previous 2 months she had lost so much weight. August 1st Emily’s weight was
71.9 pounds; upon admission to the hospital in late September she weighed in at 57.6 pounds.
That was a loss of nearly 20% of her body weight. During this hospital stay Emily was tested for
different intestinal bacteria, all tests came back negative. We saw a GI specialist. After his
consultation this doctor was leaning towards an inflamatory bowel disease and wanted to
schedule Emily for a endoscopy and colonoscopy. Emily was given fluids for the next 4 days and

then sent home. We had her scopes scheduled for October 25th which was another month
By Monday morning Emily couldn’t walk. She was doubled over and in pain. We checked in for
surgery and got back to our room. The doctor came in and after examination of Emily he
decided to get a CT scan of her abdomen to see what was going on. He was concerned that she
may have a bowel perferation due to rebound pain. It took just a few minutes for the scan and
the results were there right away. Her diagnosis, ruptured appendix. How could they have
missed this? She was in the hospital just 2 weeks prior to this. If they had found this before now
she wouldn’t be in such pain and her life wouldn’t be in danger due to the infectious fluid that
was lingering in her abdomen. Now a simple scope has turned into an emergency
Surgery went fine and we spent the next 6 days in the hospital. Emily was very sick and seemed
almost lifeless for the next 3 days. Didn’t really wake up until the 2 days after surgery. It was
awful! On the 2nd day after surgery the Dr came in and asked to speak with me privately. I was
blind to the fact that Emily was placed on the oncology floor, that we were surrounded by
children who all are suffering from CANCER.
After a few phone calls to UNI and some long nights of endless research and worry, I recieved a
phone call from hemotology/oncology specialist Dr. Sue O’Dorisio. After our conversation Emily
got accepted by Dr. O’Dorisio. We set up an appointment for November 15th. Emily had a full
battery of tests including a Gallium-68 scan, which they are currently doing for a clinical trial at
UNI. Their recommendation, Emily needed a right-hemicolectomy. So on December 21 Emily
had this surgery. We spent our Christmas in the hospital. It wasn’t as bad as one would think. It
will be a Christmas we won’t forget.
Today (January 1, 2013) Emily is 12 days post-op and she is doing amazing. We found out the
pathology yesterday,there is NO better way to start the New Year than knowing my little girl is
cancer FREE!! She is healing perfectly and actually will be going back to school on Thursday.
Probably will do half days for the first few to see how she does. I expect she will be fine. She is
so strong and determined! – Kristi (Emily’s Mother)

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