Love Pink

Love Pink


Fun and flirty by nature. It is a fragrance perfect for anytime that caters to your femininity.
Contains a blend of apple vanilla and floral notes.

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Fun and flirty by nature. It is a fragrance perfect for anytime that caters to your femininity.
Contains a blend of apple vanilla and floral notes.

This is a story about Jenna. Jenna was always alone in life. She is always able to attract men but
no one really stays. Maybe because men find her to be too much fun. She’s playful and
spontaneous like a kid allowed played outside and never stops. Maybe she hasn’t found the
one that matches her own personality. Many men tried to tolerate her playfulness but it only
took time until they gave up. One day, while enjoying one of her walks under the sun, she
bumped into someone. A young and exciting guy named James. The two talked and they liked
each other. Not only do they have the same personality but they also have the same hobbies.
The both of them clicked and married each other. They have found a perfect match. A match
that will surely be full of fun.

Ribbon Color:Pink: Breast Cancer
When you’re 29 years old, you expect many things in life, but not that you’ll wake up one day
and notice something different about your breasts. But that’s what happened to Ashley Walker
one October day in 2012. She noticed a flattening on her right breast. Then she felt a lump.
She’s young and fit and figured it was nothing, but she called the Breast Health Clinic at the
Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Women’s Center and made an appointment just to be sure.
The next day, Ashley saw Laila Mansoori, an advanced registered nurse practitioner, who
doubted Ashley had anything serious but ordered an ultrasound to get a look inside. The
ultrasound didn’t give an all-clear though, so Ashley had a mammogram and then a biopsy on
that very same day.
That afternoon, Laila referred Ashley to the SCCA Breast Cancer Specialty Center (BCSC) with a
suspicion of breast cancer. Her diagnosis was confirmed as stage IIIA Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.
Ashley had surgery in November 2012 at UW Medical Center. She wasn’t married but
considered that someday she would likely want to start a family. So before she began the next
phase of treatment, chemotherapy, which often puts women into early menopause, Ashley
went through the process to freeze her eggs (cryopreservation) in December.
Standard chemotherapy for IDC—five months of doxorubicin (Adriamycin), cyclophosphamide
(Cytoxan), and docetaxel (Taxotere)—began in January. Dr. Gralow’s specialty team, Kathleen
Tilton, RN, OCN, and Denise Bundow, MSN, ARNP, were there with Ashley to administer her
treatment and see her through her follow-up.
Despite the rigors of treatment, Ashley’s life wasn’t entirely about cancer. In between
chemotherapy and radiation, she got engaged, and her fiancé, Shawn, bought them a house. “I
had two lives,” Ashley said, “my normal life and my cancer life. I had my work and friends; I
went out on the weekends. When I needed to, I went to my cancer appointments.”

In August 2014, she and Shawn were married on the Seattle waterfront. She plans to get a
tattoo of a cherry blossom branch with a pink ribbon. And for the next few years, she’ll take
tamoxifen (Nolvadex) to help prevent a recurrence, make regular follow-up visits to the SCCA
Women’s Wellness Clinic, and get back to the hiking and camping she and Shawn loved to do
before she got cancer.
"Breast cancer is terrible for women!” Ashley said. “You lose your breasts, your hair, get
zits and gain weight from treatment. Some say, ‘Why me?’ But cancer made me stronger. It
made the best of me come out—that’s why Shawn proposed. I prefer to feed on the positive. It
perpetuates and attracts more positive.”
In October 2014, Ashley was featured on posters in Safeway stores in honor of Breast Cancer
Awareness Month. – Ashley Walker

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