Kenneth Cole Black

Kenneth Cole Black


A floral fragrance with notes of violets, citrus, jasmine, magnolia, lily of the valley, iris and lotus
with a base of amber, sandalwood and musk. Perfect for a working woman ready to play in the

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A floral fragrance with notes of violets, citrus, jasmine, magnolia, lily of the valley, iris and lotus
with a base of amber, sandalwood and musk. Perfect for a working woman ready to play in the

Natalie is a woman working as a secretary of a huge pharmaceutical company. She lives alone in
the city trying to earn money to pay off her student debt from 2 years ago. Her work needs a
lot of focus and attention from her because she has many responsibilities. Her friends
sometimes tease her because she usually does not have the time to have some fun. She can’t
remember the times where she went out to have some fun. A time came when she was
instructed by her boss to guide the new recruits in their company. That was the time where she
met Nami. She is a young woman who is playful and fun. He invited Natalie to have some fun
with her after work. She was reluctant at first but Nami convinced her. After they had dinner,
they went to a club where they partied all night. Natalie had fun for the first time in her work
life. She felt happy and relieved for all her stress were gone. That experience taught her that
you can be able to work and enjoy yourself a little bit at the same time.

Ribbon Color:Black: Melanoma
In November 2007, an optometrist noticed a "freckle" in my eye during a routine eye exam. He
referred me to a retina specialist for a more thorough examination. During my first visit to the
retina specialist, the doctors and technicians ran a series of tests. They asked me to come back
to see their tumor specialist. At this point I didn't know it was possible to have cancer in the eye
and was sure there was no reason to be alarmed.
I returned to see their tumor specialist less than a week later. At the end of the appointment,
the tumor specialist told me, "We think this is melanoma, and we think we might be able to
treat this without ruining your vision." My heart sunk into my stomach. I was 24 years old and
in great health.
I wanted a second opinion, so a few weeks later, I received another thorough examination with
the Shields, a husband and wife team at the Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia. The tumor was
very small but did have many characteristics of melanoma. I decided that I would opt for their
recommended course of treatment, radiation plaque therapy. Three days later I was admitted
to the hospital to have the radiation plaque sewn onto the back of my eye. I was in the hospital
for four days while the radiation killed the tumor. On the fourth day, the plaque was removed
and I was able to return home to recover.
The Shields also recommended a biopsy of the tumor in order to conduct genetic testing. Four
months later, I found out that my genetic test indicated that not only was my tumor indeed
melanoma, but also it was likely developing into the more aggressive form.
The tumor is located in the chorodial layer of the retina so it cannot be removed. The radiation
was used to kill the tumor, and follow-up laser treatments were done in the first year to assure
there was no regrowth. However, the radiation also killed healthy blood vessels in my eye,
which has caused a lack of blood flow, impairing my vision. The scar from the tumor also
creates a blind spot. I lost the lower peripheral vision in the left eye as well as some loss of
central vision as a result of the radiation.
Ocular melanoma is very rare. Statistically, it only affects 6 in one million people and generally
affects people starting in their 60s. It is rarely found in young people. It has now been just over
three years since I was initially diagnosed. Fortunately the tumor in my eye is completely dead,
and all of my blood work and scans have been normal. I now regularly see a dermatologist,
oncologist, retina specialist, and Dr. Shields.
After this experience, I was motivated to do something different with my life. I decided to
pursue a law degree with a focus on health in order to advocate for cancer patients through
health policy. – Lindsey Cei

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