A flirty, intimate and attractive scent with notes of blackberry, mandarin and strawberry. It built
to give you the feeling of holding on and not letting them go.

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A flirty, intimate and attractive scent with notes of blackberry, mandarin and strawberry. It built
to give you the feeling of holding on and not letting them go.

One lonely night at the city of Paris, Jessica is found drunk and crying in a bar. She just
underwent a breakup from her boyfriend of 2 years. She was devastated, she never knew that
her boyfriend would cheat on her. She couldn’t believe that someone as good as her deserves
to be replaced. She hates herself for allowing to be fooled by that guy. She started to hate guys
and she thought that in order to get her revenge on men, she would be the one to play with
their feelings. She dressed provocatively and even wore beautiful make up. She is always the
most attractive woman in the room. She attracts men and makes them do whatever she wants
and then, ditches them like nothing happened. Men who have experienced her charm say that
they feel like they are put into a trance where they just can’t resist her and that they don’t want
to let her go. She’s like a spider who sets her web and then never lets you go when you are

Ribbon Color:Teal/Pink/Blue: Thyroid Cancer
In the fall of 2011, three months after my wedding, I began to experience some strange health
issues including an irregular heartbeat and panic attacks. I was just 31 at the time, and I have
always exercised regularly, eaten a well balanced diet, and have been very healthy. Since we
had just recently moved to New York from Maine, my husband and I had not yet found a new
doctor, so it was not until January 2012 that I saw my new primary care provider. He could not
find anything via physical examination or testing to cause my symptoms. Fortunately, he did not
give up looking. Although the results of my thyroid blood test had been normal, he observed
that my thyroid felt perhaps a little bit swollen, so he sent me for an ultrasound of my neck. To
my great surprise, my thyroid was enlarged and had multiple nodules growing on both sides of
it. Soon after, a biopsy confirmed that I had thyroid cancer.
My initial reaction to the “C” word was panic and fear. But once I met with Dr. Lee, I was
reassured that this was just going to be a bump in the road of life. I underwent a
complete thyroidectomy in March 2012, and the only required treatment afterwards was a
radioactive iodine pill. My symptoms completely disappeared, and a few months after surgery,
my tiny 1-inch incision faded away.
I wish I could say my story ended there, as it does for many people, but mine continued. After a
year of good health, regular visits to my endocrinologist, and new routine of taking my
Synthroid pill each morning, it was discovered through a follow-up neck ultrasound and biopsy
that the cancer had come back in one of the surrounding lymph nodes. So at the end of June
2013, Dr. Lee performed my second surgery, a Modified Radical Neck Dissection. During this
procedure, he removed over 20 lymph nodes from the right side of my neck. It was a more
invasive procedure than the first, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at my incision site. My
scar is longer now, but already has faded so much it is virtually unnoticeable. I will again be
taking a radioactive iodine pill the end of this month to complete my treatment. But I feel great
and I have returned to my daily routines.
I am so thankful for all of my amazing doctors and my incredibly supportive husband, family,
and friends. They all made this experience much easier for me to get through. Dr. Lee was a
large part of the reason I have gotten through this twice, knowing that everything would be ok
in the end. During my office visits, he would sit with my husband and me until we had run out
of questions to ask, answering each one thoroughly, always patient and with a smile. With him,
I truly have had the very best care!

My fingers are crossed that this will be the end of it, and the only reminders of this life event I
will hopefully have are my faded scar and the pill I take each morning. – Erica Ervin

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