Flower Bomb

Flower Bomb


It produces a warm and spicy fragrance that smells like sweet gourmands with notes of orange
blossom, patchouli and jasmine. It is like a bomb of flowers with notes freesia, jasmine and
rose. A scent that leaves a trail of allure wherever you go.

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It produces a warm and spicy fragrance that smells like sweet gourmands with notes of orange
blossom, patchouli and jasmine. It is like a bomb of flowers with notes freesia, jasmine and
rose. A scent that leaves a trail of allure wherever you go.

A young girl of the forest, Alicia has always had a fascination for plants. Every day after school,
she goes to the forest to collect herbs and flowers. She then creates different concoctions and
plays with it in different ways. Sometimes, she uses it to prank someone or to make herself
smell good. A few years later, the young Alicia grew into a young beautiful woman with passion
for plants especially flowers. She works in a small flower shop where she takes care of the
flowers and makes sure that they are always fresh. One day, a young man came into the shop.
He admired how the flowers was very well taken care of. This young man is the prince of the
kingdom. Every woman in the kingdom wants to be noticed by the prince and Alicia is one of
them. She thought of making a concoction that contains the smell of flowers that the prince
liked. She collected the flowers and made the concoction. The only thing left is for her to wait
for an opportunity to make the prince notice her. After a few weeks, her chance came when the
kingdom decided to host a huge ball. Alicia then shopped for the most expensive dress she
could afford and prepared herself for the ball. She applied the concoction onto herself and
when she got into the ball, she caught everyone’s attention. She looked like a beautiful fairy
leaving a scent of flowers behind her. Finally, she caught the prince’s attention. He asked her
for a dance and they danced for the whole night. The prince liked her and after a few months
he asked her to be his wife. She said yes and they lived a happy life.

Ribbon Color:Burgundy/Ivory: Head/Neck Cancer
When I retired in early 2013, I looked forward to moving with my wife into a house on the
Oregon Coast, which was under construction at the time. While I struggled with sinus issues at
the time, I never imagined I would be diagnosed with cancer, or that I would face three
surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation in the coming year.
I’d been hesitant to visit a doctor about the sinus problems and figured they were related to
similar issues that led to three surgeries I’d had a decade ago. But when the problems persisted
after a few weeks, I finally met with a physician’s assistant, Lindsay Wyant, M.S., who noticed
some swelling on my neck and referred me to Dr. Neil Gross, a head and neck cancer specialist
with the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute. At the same time, Wyant suggested I take part in Knight
Cancer’s free head and neck cancer screening.
Before I saw Dr. Gross, I took part in the screening. There, a physician examined me, confirmed
the abnormal swelling, and asked about my stiff neck. I hadn’t connected the stiffness to my
sinus issues. I assumed it was the result of sleeping in a bad position. That physician also
suggested I see Dr. Gross, signaling that I might have something serious.  Dr. Gross
subsequently discovered that I had stage IV cancer infecting my lymph nodes. My outlook early

on was very gloomy, but I knew I was in good hands with Dr. Gross and the Knight Cancer
The spring after I was diagnosed, I had three surgeries that led to the removal of 21 infected
lymph nodes, the cancer at the base of my tongue and a benign mass on the back of my
esophagus. To remove the cancer at the base of my tongue, Dr. Gross suggested trans-oral
robotic surgery.  Dr. Gross is one of the first physicians on the West Coast to perform this type
of procedure. I decided to pursue it because it meant my tumor could be removed through my
mouth and I wouldn’t need surgery that would split my jawbone to access the cancer.
Following the surgeries, while still under the care of Dr. Gross, I was enrolled in a clinical trial
for a drug designed to reduce pain and improve swallowing after surgery. Soon thereafter, I
received a six-week series of chemotherapy from Dr. Kathleen Kemmer and radiation
therapy from Dr. John Holland.  Concurrently, Dr. Joshua Schindler aided in my post-operation
recovery by referring me to Rachel King, a speech-language therapist who helped me speak and
swallow properly again. The word nearly a year after diagnosis that my cancer had been
My wife and I moved into our new house and are enjoying life at the Oregon Coast. I owe it all
to and am extremely grateful for the team of doctors, caregivers and staff members who made
it possible. Because of the tremendous team effort, cutting-edge surgical procedure and the
potentially lifesaving cancer screening, I am a cancer survivor today.- Richard Brack

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