Eat It Raw

Eat It Raw


A new fragrance that produces a natural and sophisticated scent that is accompanied by a
delicious awakening effect. It is a fragrance with fruity and sweet notes.

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A new fragrance that produces a natural and sophisticated scent that is accompanied by a
delicious awakening effect. It is a fragrance with fruity and sweet notes.

In a fairy village hidden deep inside the forest, there lived a fairy named Flavia. She is a
beautiful fairy with incredible beauty. Many fairies are jealous of her and many of them wanted
to harm her. One day, while Flavia was roaming the forest, somebody threw a malicious
powder into her. She was able to make arrive at the village before the powder manifested its
effects. She fell asleep and never woke up. Anything that the people tried to wake her up did
not work. A passerby heard about the situation and approached the crowd. He saw checked on
Flavia and told them that she was cursed. He promised the villagers that he would find a way to
wake Flavia up. After months of exploring the land and experimenting with cures, he was finally
able to find a cure. He rushed to the village to administer the cure. Flavia slowly opened her

eyes and everyone was happy. Flavia felt so fresh after her deep slumber and she never felt
more energized than before.

Ribbon Color: Blue: Leiomyosarcoma
In September 2003, I went to see my gynecologist for my annual checkup. I was 49 years old.
He told me that I have uterine fibroids, but there was no rush to remove them. In fact, he said
we could wait until after Christmas. When I finally had the surgery in January, I was measuring 5
months pregnant because the fibroids had multiplied. They kept reassuring me that “it was just
fibroids and fibroids are nothing.” I had a full hysterectomy. I felt great. It was the easiest
surgery I’d ever had. I was ready to go back to work in three days.
When I went back for my post-operative check up to get clearance to return to work, a different
doctor (who I had never seen before) said “sometimes we have to give bad news and you have
leiomyosarcoma [also referred to as LMS, a malignant (cancerous) smooth muscle tumor].” I
was in shock and asked what that was. He explained “it’s a rare cancer and we don’t know
much about it.” Then they brought my husband in and he was in shock at the news. We had
never heard of sarcoma. When we get home, he looked up leiomyosarcoma on the computer. I
watched my husband sob at what he was reading. He made me promise that I wouldn’t look up
my diagnosis. We were not sent home with any information on leiomyosarcoma, but they did
set up an appointment for me at the Karmanos Cancer Institute in downtown Detroit. My
oncologist was very nice, but she said “we don’t know very much about leiomyosarcoma and
we don’t know what the treatment should be”. This was not reassuring after watching my
husband cry for an hour and a half looking up my diagnosis. I had 4 cycles of chemotherapy
called Doxil (also known as Doxorubicin or Adriamycin). By the fourth round, I had lost 20lbs in
a months’ time and they stopped the chemo. They didn’t know if it would even work or not. I
have not had any more treatment since then. I go yearly to be checked because I’ve been
I’ve been cancer free since my hysterectomy in 2004. They cut me across [my abdomen] and
they took everything out. The nurse told me they took my whole uterus out. There were five
fibroids and it was so big that it looked like a whole chicken. The leiomyosarcoma was in with
the fibroids. My salvation was that they cut my abdomen open and lifted everything out. I met
the family of a woman that had her hysterectomy vaginally and it spread and she died within six
weeks. So I was blessed that they took it out the way they did. I appreciate life more because of
my experience. – Theresa

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