Decadence by M.J

Decadence by M.J


A rich and luxurious scent with notes of iris, saffron and Italian plum accompanied with jasmine
and orris roots. It has a base of papyrus wood and vetiver. It a scent that is mesmerizing in
every way it makes a woman feel fierce and ready to take the world.

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A rich and luxurious scent with notes of iris, saffron and Italian plum accompanied with jasmine
and orris roots. It has a base of papyrus wood and vetiver. It a scent that is mesmerizing in
every way it makes a woman feel fierce and ready to take the world.

Raised by an orphanage in the modern city of Tregaron, Francesca grew to be a very beautiful
young girl. Due to her small size, many girls take advantage of her. This made he into a shy and
timid girl. She is always afraid that people will bully her or treat her differently. One day, a
group of ballerinas visited her orphanage to perform and she became fascinated by them. From
that day onward, she gained passion for ballet. She dreamed of becoming a ballerina one day.
She wakes up early everyday just to practice ballet. Sadly, there is only little that she could learn
by doing it by herself. She knew that she really needed someone to teach her. She requested
everyone in the orphanage to try and get her a teacher but everyone just laughed at her. They
say that she is too small to be a ballerina and that she doesn’t have the talent to become one.
Luckily for her, a couple was in that orphanage and they heard what happened. This couple
were actually fans of ballet and they decided to give Francesca a chance so they adopted her.
They enrolled her into a ballet school and she was very thankful for it. Finally, she had a chance
to learn ballet and she can’t help but smile all day. Her first days in the school was not a good
one. She was bullied because she does not follow well on the lessons. Again, this made her feel
incapable of achieving something but her passion for ballet is stronger. She practiced extra

everyday just to perfect everything and she never stopped on trying to make herself better.
Years passed by and the formerly shy and timid girl became a confident and very talented
ballerina. It just showed that finding your passion could transform you from someone who is
terrified of the world into someone who does not care what the world throws at them.
Ribbon Color: Periwinkle: Stomach Cancer
Although he did not work directly for a hospital, Lee Mizrahi knows most of the area’s hospitals
inside and out. Lee spent 35 years working in hospital sales for a medical equipment company.
His territory spanned from Washington, D.C. to Maine and as far west as Ohio. When it came
time for Lee to choose a cancer hospital, it was one of the easiest decisions he would make. In
the spring of 1996, Lee had trouble eating and swallowing food. His doctor ordered an
endoscopy that immediately revealed cancer in his stomach and esophagus. “I was
asymptomatic until the day I went to the doctor. It never crossed my mind that I had cancer,"
recalled Lee.
Although Lee’s doctor referred him to a hospital in New Jersey, Lee took matters into his own
hands. “I wanted to go to Fox Chase Cancer Center because it is one of the top cancer hospitals
in the country,” said Lee. And he did.
Lee met with a Fox Chase surgeon specializing in gastrointestinal cancers, Dr. Melvyn Goldberg,
who has since retired. The surgeon removed all of the cancer (which necessitated resection of
most of his esophagus and some of his stomach), he then created a neo-esophagus from the
remaining stomach. Preserving function has always been a top priority for doctors at Fox Chase.
Lee reported, “I can eat almost anything I want and feel great!”
Following surgery, Lee underwent simultaneous chemotherapy and radiation therapy to attack
any cancerous cells that may have been left behind, and reduce the chance of recurrence. “My
treatment was great,” said Lee. “The nursing care was exceptional.”
“Fox Chase met all of my expectations. The medical care was exactly what I needed. I was well
attended to and had all of my questions answered quickly.” Lee meets with radiation
oncologists at Fox Chase each year to check his progress. Lee shared, “They are thorough and
give you confidence in the care you are getting.”
Lee’s friends often share stories about their cancer treatment at other hospitals. He explained,
“After learning about their experiences, I am so happy I chose Fox Chase. I was completely
satisfied with my experience. I wouldn’t change anything about my treatment."
Today, Lee is retired and enjoys traveling through the country with his wife of 18 years, Carol.
He describes Carol as “every bit as helpful as any other caregiver I had. Her love and support
got me through the most difficult time in my life.” Lee’s advice to others? “Don’t play with
cancer. I didn’t choose Fox Chase Cancer Center blindly. I knew exactly what I was doing. If
you’re going to be treated for cancer, you go to Fox Chase. Period.” – Lee Mizrahi

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