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Coco Chanel


A very feminine and very high-class scent. A composition of notes of rose, orange, jasmine,
peach and coriander with notes of tonka bean, amber, civet, sandalwood, vanilla and

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A very feminine and very high-class scent. A composition of notes of rose, orange, jasmine,
peach and coriander with notes of tonka bean, amber, civet, sandalwood, vanilla and

Money, class and power. That is the foundations of the cruel world that Claire lives in. She lives
in Aurum, the so called “Golden City”. It is a city where people care more about money and
class than their own family. A city where your clothes define who you are and what you do.
Claire lives a normal life in this city. A normal life where people of higher class look down on
you and treat you like garbage. Like any other woman in the city, she dreams of becoming a

woman with a classy lifestyle. A woman that only wears the most expensive outfits that the city
could provide. One rainy day, while Claire was on her way to work, she heard about a
competition. A competition to crown the most elegant woman in Aurum City. Winning this
competition would mean that she would live with class and never be looked down by anyone
again. She wanted to join but lacks the resources. Luckily, she was able to find a sponsor. At
last, her dream could come true. All she need is to do her best in the competition. The
competition began and she was very excited. Her very exciting day ended shortly due to other
contestants bullying her about being poor and that she does not deserve to be in the
competition. She was devastated to a point that she wanted to withdraw from the competition
but her determination to become the most elegant woman in the city was stronger. Pushing
away all the criticisms, she confidently stood up and focused on the task at hand. She did her
best and at last, she won. That night she became a woman with class. A woman that is the
depiction of confidence and class.

Ribbon Color: Blue: Breast Cancer
I was 55 when I found the pea-size lump in the crease of my right breast. I'd had my yearly
mammogram six weeks earlier, but the lump was not in the "squishable" part of my breast. My
gynecologist referred me to a breast surgeon, who performed a fine-needle aspiration to
remove sample cells for examination. Because the cells were fast growing and highly irregular,
an immediate lumpectomy was scheduled to remove the tumor, along with a couple of lymph
nodes from under my arm.
The pathology report came back positive for HER2 cancer in my breast and in one lymph node.
To remove more tissue around the tumor site and to see whether there was cancer in the
remaining lymph nodes, I had a second surgery two weeks after the first. During the procedure,
the surgeon placed a port into my jugular vein, since the blood vessels in my arms weren't
hardy enough for the frequent intravenous infusions I would need. The lymph nodes were
clear, but abnormal cells remained in the tissue surrounding the tumor site. (A year later,
concerned about those cells and about changes in the other breast, I had a bilateral
mastectomy. You can read about my mastectomy experience here).
Meanwhile I was given a PET/CT scan to detect any evidence of cancer elsewhere in my body.
There was a spot on my liver that the radiologist suspected was a metastasis, but the liver
specialist I consulted was sure it was a hemangioma, a harmless cluster of blood vessels. It was
in an area difficult to biopsy, so he recommended beginning treatment immediately and then
examining the spot again to see whether it had changed. If it grew or shrank during treatment,
we could assume it was a tumor; if it stayed the same size, it was a hemangioma. (It did indeed
stay the same size.)
Herceptin is most effective when given in conjunction with standard chemotherapy drugs. My
regimen started with an IV infusion of Adriamycin and Cytoxan every two weeks for two

months. I felt lousy, the inside of my mouth broke out in sores, and my hair fell out, but I never
threw up, and I was able to continue working throughout my treatment. – Megan

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