A combination of fruity, spicy and floral fragrance with the notes of vanilla orchid, purple
passion fruit and Shangri-La peony. A combination of boldness and beauty that will make
anyone stand out.

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A combination of fruity, spicy and floral fragrance with the notes of vanilla orchid, purple
passion fruit and Shangri-La peony. A combination of boldness and beauty that will make
anyone stand out.


In the city of Black Bat, everyone lives by their own. A city where everyone struggles to survive.
A city so harsh that it would eat you alive if you don’t fight for yourself. Little Priscilla lives in
this city. She experienced the different hardships of life in an early age. Because of this, she
learned to become strong and resourceful in order to get ahead of everyone. The time came
when Priscilla grew into a mature woman. She then realized that she should become powerful
in order to survive in Black Bat City. She then came up with a plan to seduce the most powerful
man in the city so she could have the power to herself. In order to do this, she realized that she
needs to stand out among the rest. She then spent all her time and resources into making
herself the most attractive woman in the city. Of course, this is not an easy task. She had
mustered her courage in order to push aside every obstacle that crosses her path. She had to
be brave enough to face anyone who tries to stop her from reaching her dream. After a long
time of struggling, she was able to get the attention of the mayor of the city. He was amazed by
her beauty and boldness which made him fall in love with her. At last, Priscilla’s effort came to a
success. She was able to rise to power using her strength and beauty.

Ribbon Color: Purple: Pancreatic Cancer
I was diagnosed with a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumour on 30th November 2017. I had
previously attended A&E back in October 2017 with suspected gallstones and abdominal and
lower back pain. I had further tests at A&E and had a CT scan which showed my pancreatic duct
was dilated. It was purely by fate it was discovered, and also importantly that it was discovered
I had an appointment to see a specialist a couple of weeks later. I was told that there were
small masses around the neck and central pancreas, and that they were going to take it down
the cancer route. I was admitted to a specialist hospital on 5th February 2018 for
a Whipple’s or pancreatectomy, which they would decide once I was in surgery and they could
have a better look. They decided on an open central pancreatectomy. I was due to stay in for 7-
12 days, but ended up being admitted for 4 weeks due to a few side effects and set-backs. I had
to go back again for surgery to have another drain fitted as I developed a large build-up of fluid
in my abdomen. I also developed bilateral pulmonary embolisms which affected my breathing
and spiked fevers.
After surgery I didn’t require any chemo or radiotherapy. I was finally sent home with a bag full
of meds and a drain in situ. I needed a lot of care and support from my family at home and
wouldn’t have managed without them. My appetite soon returned though and I use Creon with
all my meals. I was in pain from surgery and hardly mobile, but more importantly I was cancer
A year on and I’m making progress. I still take Xarelto for blood clots. I still have pain around my
abdomen, which increases the longer I stand or walk for. I use a walking stick for short walks or

rely on a wheelchair for longer days out. I rely on insulin with meals, so I do 4 insulin injections
a day and do regular sugar level checks. I have regular meetings at hospital for the Pain Clinic,
physiotherapy and anxiety. I so far have been unable to return to work but still have a good
quality life.
I cannot praise all the staff enough at the hospital, they really are out of this world. – Jamie

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