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Daytime summer fragrance that you can wear with casual clothing especially with vibrant colors. Its scent seeks out
freedom and outdoor life. This fragrance has a combination of masculinity along with citrus fragrance that will make
you feel calm and relaxed.

A young man who grew up from the farm called Bob Marley went to the city to try out living in a different world.
Somewhere without huge lands but tall buildings and lights. He enjoyed casinos and parties. He spent most of his
day just looking for a place to hang out until dusk and move to a place much more alive. But after some time, he
grew tired of it. He missed peaceful mornings and late-night stargazing on his swing back home. For how many
months, he continued indulging in the thrill of urban life until he realized it was not the kind of freedom he wanted.
He finally decided to go back home. Seeing the wide pasture lands made him feel contented. There may be no
bright lights to see but the stars at night are enough to illuminate the whole of his land.

Ribbon Color: Sky blue: Liver Cancer
“I am no stranger to hard work. Serving in the Korean War, working for 23 years at Scott Paper, and starting my own
business doing home improvements after retirement, I understand the importance of discipline and work ethic.
Now at 89 years old, I still keep busy helping friends and neighbors with home projects. So when I got the call that I

had gallbladder cancer, I did what I always do. I worked hard toward one goal, to beat this disease.”- Harry

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