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A heavenly scent brought to you by Body Oils Plus made with all organic ingredients that will surely give you the
ultimate otherworldly sense. This fragrance will not only light up your mood but will also provide you with a
pleasant soft scent that will make anyone feel like they are in a sea of clouds.

Background Story:
After wandering the Earth for over 500 years, an angel from the most prestigious city in Heaven fell in love with a
human. While having an affair with a different kind was highly prohibited for a celestial being, the angel sworn to
himself that he would protect the woman at all costs. He made sure from afar that she was protected and guarded.
Although the woman was not able to see him, he made sure his presence is felt in his mystifying ways which made
the woman fell in love with an unseen being. Because of the tough laws that angels have to follow, the angel kept
on watching her from above for the rest of her life.

Ribbon Color: Light Brown: Lung Cancer
Joan Lautenbacher was 55 and enjoying a rewarding career in educational administration for the State of New
Jersey when she was shocked to learn she had lung cancer, a diagnosis she received from her primary care doctor
after she had trouble swallowing. She took the advice of a good friend and sought treatment at Fox Chase Cancer
Center. There, Joan underwent chemotherapy and radiation before having surgery to remove the tumor. A month
later, she learned that the treatment had been a success. “Though some members of my original lung team have
left Fox Chase since I became a patient, I feel as confident as ever in the care they provide me,” she said. “Once I
found my way to where I had the best opportunities, I wanted to stay there and follow it through. For me, that
place was Fox Chase.” – Joan Lautenbacher

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