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Angel Muse


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An addictive fragrance that you hate to love. Delicious and highly feminine, it bursts with
attractive, addictive and magnetic explosions with its unreverent sophistication and audacious
sensuality. A sweetness that encounters a puzzle of senses with the ideal harmony between the
tempting cream of hazelnut with the magnetism and beauty of vetiver.

Part angel part human. That is the identity of a woman named Seraphina. A woman described
to have unspeakable beauty with a pure heart. She captures the heart of everyone that she
encounters even making them do what she wants. She never knew about her parents because
she was abandoned since birth. One day, the beautiful Seraphina crossed paths with a young
and handsome man named John. They liked each other and they started having meetings in the
woods. One night, Seraphina decided to go early to their usual meeting place. On her way
there, she was ambushed by some bandits and they decided to keep her for ransom. They
brought her to their leader. The leader saw her and he immediately fell in love with her which
made him keep her as his wife. John found out about what happened and he started to search
for her. For a few days, John searched the woods until he found their hideout. John confronted
the leader which lead into a fierce battle. John lost and died in vain. Seraphina saw what
happened and was filled with anger. She decided to kill all the bandits including their leader by
poisoning them. She finally got her revenge but she was still broken because her loved one died
fighting for her. Starting from that day, she decided that she would not entertain anyone who
tries to win her heart and instead use her beauty to make them do what she wants.
I have three children, six grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren. They keep me busy! I
also take physical activity classes offered through a local hospital, including a “Healthy Steps”
class, baton twirling, and belly dancing.
In August 2007, I began having heavy bleeding and I went to a nearby medical clinic. The
doctors there found that I had something suspicious on my uterus. They referred me to a

gynecologist who did a biopsy, which revealed I had cancer. I was then referred to a
gynecologic oncologist, who did an additional biopsy on my cervix, which also showed the
presence of cancer cells. To this day, the doctors say they are not sure which came first, the
uterine cancer or the cervical cancer.
I had radiation and chemotherapy. I was lucky because I didn't have any side effects from the
treatment. After the radiation and chemo, I had a total hysterectomy and my ovaries were
removed. I’m now cancer-free.
Today, I feel pretty good. I hope that other women will not be in denial about their risk for
cancer. I had a family history of cervical and uterine cancers but I didn’t get checked until I had
symptoms. So if you have a family history, tell your doctor and ask if you should have special
tests to find anything early. And for women with a limited income, there are programs like New
York State’s Cancer Services Program that can help.
Today cancer is no longer a death sentence. So don’t be in denial about cancer just because you
think you can’t afford diagnostics and treatment if needed. – Eileen A.

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