Our Story

Our Story

Greetings treasured customers! We hope you have the time to read about Body Oils Plus’ story and get to know us better!

Body Oils Plus is a start-up online shopping site based in Oakland, US, dedicated to providing you the best long-lasting fragrances that will accompany you throughout the day whether it is your normal workday or a special celebration. Willie Green, our CEO, has committed himself to find the best organic ingredients to provide you with first-rate fragrances to highlight your best features that will undeniably make you stand out from the crowd.

Our company’s mission is to serve you with quality products that are not only cost-effective but are also chemical-free produce. In the course of time, we would like to create more innovations to cater to all your desires as well as continue improving our products and services for your ultimate satisfaction.

Our fragrances and products are associated with cancer ribbons to help spread awareness concerning different types of cancer. Our fragrances also provide you the feeling of confidence, calmness, energy, and hope for people who are fighting cancer, for people who have survived cancer and for people who have loved ones who have passed or still battling cancer.

Our team is composed of people who truly admire fighters who continue to overcome their fears and weaknesses and who continue to have faith and hope for the better.

We wish you to provide you happiness and strength contained in bottles to show that nothing can beat a fearless mind and soul.