Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


What type of bottles are you using?

We use glass and plastic bottles for our perfume oils. We offer three sizes which are 1 oz, 2 oz, and 4 oz. We also have roll-on tip bottles to take wherever you go.


Where should I apply my body oils?

First of all, we recommend applying our body oils to your wrists as it is the part of the body that moves frequently which will circulate the scent around you.

Behind the top of your ears

Applying body oil behind the top of your ears will diffuse the scent longer to which you will also be able to smell it yourself. It is also recommended as to when you hug someone, that person will immediately find that wonderful fragrant that you are wearing.

Neck and Collar Bones

Aside from these are also pulse points of our body, these parts also create confidence and seductive effect especially when you are directly in front of conversing with someone.

Inner Elbows

It would also help diffuse the scent longer and will surely make an impression to anyone around you especially when you use hand gestures often.

Behind your knees

This is also one of the pulse points of our body and since they are warmer and softer, they will be able to hold the scent all throughout the day. Perfect if you are wearing shorts or dresses.

On your ankles

If you are fond of wearing heels or open sandals, it would also be best to rub perfume oil on your ankles to leave a long-lasting fragrance wherever you go and will smell exceptional from head to toe.


What’s are the difference between Oils and Perfume?

The advantage of perfume oils from perfume is that perfume oils are very cost-effective as once you apply them, the scent will surely last longer and you don’t have to freshen up from time to time which causes perfumes to empty out faster.


How long will our roll-on bottle last?

Our roll-on bottles have been tried and tested to last all day!


How much does shipping cost?

Our company uses UPS delivery service to ensure that the items are well taken care of during transport and shipping costs may vary depending on the pick-up and drop-off points. Before proceeding to purchasing the item, a pop up message will appear indicating the cost of the shipping so will also have the choice of either expediting or go through normal shipping.


How long does shipping  & delivery take?

For deliveries nearby our Oakland headquarters, expected time of arrival would usually take 1-3 days. For outside the state, kindly expect your order to be delivered within 4-6 days and for deliveries outside of US, you will have to choose your own courier for you to track your item while in transit.


Tracking information does not have updates with regards to my order

Couriers and delivery services usually do not update tracking information once the item arrives at your local zip code or until they confirm that the package has reached its next destination. If the item has not yet arrived within the time frame given, please contact our customer services so we can assist you with your concern.


Do you offer expedited shipping?

For UPS delivery, you may request expedited shipping which will be charged to you and you can be assured that your order will arrive earlier than the expected time of arrival.


Can I rather receive points or credits rather than a refund?

For us to ensure the security of our customer’s information, we can only refund the amount back to your original form of payment. We will be working with our team to have this request approved for your satisfaction.


How can I change my address after placing the order?

If the order has already been confirmed and processed, you may inform our customer services within 24-hours for us to adjust your delivery address to your desired location. If failed to inform us within 24-48 hours, you may contact the courier that will be provided to have them re-route the package to a different address. You may also contact your local post office for other services.


Are you selling the real products?

Our products are designed with pure organic and delicate ingredients that are combined to give you varieties of fragrances that gives you the confidence, energy and the vibe you need.