Applying your perfume oils

Applying your perfume oils

With our fragrances in roll-on bottles, you can conveniently take them wherever you go and can directly rub them into your pulse points. This will diffuse the scent longer and will create a unique effect on every movement that your body makes. It will create an impression to whoever you are with and they will surely remember it.

We recommend applying our perfume oils to your wrists as it is the part of the body that moves frequently which will circulate the scent around you.

Behind the top of your ears: Applying perfume oil behind the top of your ears will diffuse the scent longer to which you will also be able to smell it yourself. It is also recommended as to when you hug someone, that person will immediately find that wonderful fragrant that you are wearing.

Neck and Collar Bones: Aside from these are also pulse points of our body, these parts also create confidence and seductive effect especially when you are directly in front of conversing with someone.

Inner Elbows: It would also help diffuse the scent longer and will surely make an impression to anyone around you especially when you use hand gestures often.

Behind your knees: This is also one of the pulse points of our body and since they are warmer and softer, they will be able to hold the scent all throughout the day. Perfect if you are wearing shorts or dresses.

On your ankles: If you are fond of wearing heels or open sandals, it would also be best to rub perfume oil on your ankles to leave a long-lasting fragrance wherever you go and will smell exceptional from head to toe.

If you are certain on to where would you want to put your perfume oil, gently remove the cap, turn the roll-on bottle upside down, slowly rub it on your desired pulse points and you can be confident to stay fresh all day long!